Are You Ready to be an Entrepreneur?

Anthony J Mazza
2 min readMar 2


You’ll find articles about what it takes to become an entrepreneur everywhere you look or articles showcasing success stories. But rarely will you find an article asking the crucial question — are you ready to become an entrepreneur?

Understandably, many people dream of becoming an entrepreneur someday. The idea of creating the business of your dreams is tempting, as is the idea of becoming your own boss. But entrepreneurship is more challenging and complex than that. It requires specific skills, traits, and responsibilities.

So, let’s ask ourselves — are you ready to be an entrepreneur?

You Have a Vision

So you want to become an entrepreneur and start your own business. Do you have a vision for this business? Entrepreneurs trying to bring a vision to life will find they have a larger store of inspiration to lean on when the times get tough. If you lack a vision, it may be worth spending a little extra time crafting one before moving forward.

You’re Willing to do the Legwork

Being an entrepreneur takes work — and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. This is especially true during the foundational period of establishing your business. You will have to be your own boss and likely have to wear many different hats and manage several tasks simultaneously. You’ll probably be okay if you’re willing to bear this load and do the legwork.

Do You Have the Time?

As mentioned above, being an entrepreneur takes work. It also takes time. It may be that you can have things start as a side hustle. However, if your business takes off, you will likely need to dedicate more time to running your business. Are you willing to commit this time? Do you have the time for it, or can you make the time?

You’re Excellent with People

The most successful entrepreneurs out there are great with people. They have strong communication skills and are talented at networking and getting others to like them. If you have always found this to be the case for you, you will likely have a leg up once you begin your entrepreneurial journey.

You’re Resilient

Entrepreneurs need to have resilience. This is because, unfortunately, setbacks are a common part of the process. Not all businesses take off how we want or expect, and it can be next to impossible to know how it will go in advance. As such, resilient entrepreneurs are more likely to continue pushing on until they hit success.



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